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Enchanted Escapes Herbals

Escape the Ordinary

18 October
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I would need many more journals to fully express who I am. This journal is just one small glimpse of me. On these pages are my thoughts and feelings, as fleeting as the day wanes into the night. I am darkness and I am light, and I have become comfortable in both expressions. The world that I live in has challenged me to balance and as the sign I was born into is Libra, it has been my life's task. Change is my constant companion and I am in love with her, I do not fear the ebb and flow of life, I welcome it, for without change, we are all empty.

My current passions are armotherapy, herbalism, the art of Japanese flower arranging, Japanese culture, Slavic Culture, World cuisine, all manners of dance and creative expression, my band Eternal Embrace and my husband Erik and our two cat-children Izzy and Tahki.

I am soon hoping to become a mother, and welcoming one of the greatest of life's changes.

This journal is about me, the things I love and the things I am striving toward, my understanding of my own experiences and my desire to grow and learn new things. Life is ugly-beautiful, razor sharp and velvet soft, and alive with passion.